Hello Everyone!


Good morning everyone. I have been really looking forward to enlightening you with my daily doings with my two mischievous children. But since this blog was started by my mom, sister and myself, I have been ill. I am awaiting surgery and am excited to start contributing once I am recovered.

Update On Quaker


Last night after tagging Quaker, we put him into the pen with the rest of the ducks. This morning when I woke up to get the boys ready for school, I stepped outside to find that we had frost last night.

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My First Post

Angela’s post today on washing machines reminded me of one of the many survival skills I learned from my mother-in-law a woman with many talents. She was known as Aunt Susie.

Moving to a cabin for the salmon fishery (transhumance of people and their animals) was a new experience in itself.

I knew about scrub boards. My Mom had one from the days before she could buy a washing machine, it would have been a day busting wringer washer.

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