Scrap Poncho for my little man!

1. I wove four squares on a wooden peg square. For support, I started the lines with a crochet slip knot.


I made the warp by going up and down on the pegs. Make sure you warp on the outside of the pegs as the square will not have support once the weaving begins.


My mistake

When I made my first square, I did not do this as the picture shows, and this square is smaller than later ones.


Once I had the base — warp ready, I started to weave in my different colours. I used all the scraps of different types and thickness of the yarns that I had. The yarn that I buy is Lanabel.


2. When I had each of the four squares completed, I darned in the ends.

3. Then I crocheted the squares: Green to Purple; Purple to Blue; Blue to Yellow.

sweater fold

4. Then I folded the yellow towards the purple and folded the other side green towards the purple. The two different sides will come together, and join at the red row.

5. Once I had the main shape, I crocheted a row of single crochet around the opening for the neck using a thin yarn for support.


6. I used double crochet to crochet the hood. I placed it on my child to see where the hood should stop in the front. I marked the two sides. Then I crocheted the hood from one marker to the other–back and forth until it went over his head.

I had him try it on many times until I liked the height.

When I had the height complete, I realized that I wanted the hood closer to his face, so I added double crochet from the hood front edge out.

7. When I liked the hood, I added a row of single crochet for support.

8. Although the picture does not show it, I also did a row of single crochet around the bottom of the puncho for support before I began to make it longer. At the two corner points, I placed five stitches in each to make the turn.


With the support row in place, I used double crochet, changing colours as I went until the poncho reached his hands. And again, I did a last row of single crochet around the bottom.

I darned in the yarn ends as I changed colours.

It was a slow process, but having him next to me to try on the poncho as I created it means that the poncho fits him perfectly.