Lining Blanket

crochet blanket lining

I made my little girl a crochet blanket with roses squares and flower border more than a year ago.  The only thing I do not remember is where I found the different pattern instructions that I used to create this blanket.

I wanted to line it before I gave it to her.  The following is how I lined it.

First is to darn in all threads and place selected lining against the blanket, with the wrong sides together.


Next , I attached the two layers by sewing a button in the centre of each flower.  With the buttons attached, I sewed the green outer edge of the border to the lining by hand.


Then I took out my sewing machine and sewed along the edge at the white part of the border.

I trimmed off the excess lining leaving an inch.   Polar fleece does not ravel but it is nice to sew close the edge.

Trim off any threads.

Give to a special person!

She loves to use her blanket.


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