DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Mask

Coronavirus, 2020, huge world pandemic.

There is a shortness of face mask world wide due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. ALso, here in Chile when you travel outside of your house everyone is required to wear face mask.

Being someone who can sew, I decided to make some mask for my family. The mask you buy are much too big for my 4 year old and having to have a supply of face for my family was another reason to make masks.

I hunted through my stock of cloth for pieces of cloth useable to make masks;

Child size, two pieces 5″x7″ cloth and two pieces of elastic 6″

Adult size, two pieces 6″x9″ cloth and two pieces of elastic 7″

Cloth and elastic ready to make a child mask

With the two good sides towards each other, I placed the first piece of elastic in between and pinned.

Now for the other side, just make sure it is flat as you bring it up. Do for both sides. I then added three folds on each end, four for an adult.

Folds can be seen in this picture. I do a locking stitch starting close to the end of one long side. Work around the piece.

When you get to the starting side, stop about the width of three fingers from the start, and add a locking stitch.

Turn right side out through the whole on the side. Push out all corners.

I sewed down both sides of the long sides, this closes the whole left to turn.

ALL DONE!!!!!!