Face Mask with Hair Elastic

Face Mask with Hair Elastic

Here in the south of Chile in Patagonia, items come by truck from Santiago by road and ferries. With the Coronavirus Pandemic worldwide, there is fear of the spread of the disease, and it parts of Chile there are people blocking the passages of the trucks deliverying goods.

The price of bread and flour once Chile went into lockdown rose here in the south. In the capital of the region, Coyhaique, which has distribution centers, has no flour, dog food, sugar, and salt.

I have made my family members each a mask, but our oldest son is having surgery this week in the hospital in Coyhaique. I ran out of the thin elastic I had making face mask, so I went to buy some. There are none to get here and Coyhaique has none either.

So what does a woman do when she needs more mask to her family to take as spares. I hunted up hair elastics from my youngest child. She had six, so I could make an extra three mask.

Here are the steps I took;

  • two hair elastic per mask
  • a quarter inch wider on the sides of a rectangle 6x9inch, not the top and bottom

I started on one side with a locking stitch then worked all the way around leaving a space to turn.

I then turned it right side out and top stitched on the two long sides. I did not do the two short sides I am going to fold them over with the elastic in the next step.

I now placed the elastic on the end and folded the side over it making sure on the sew on the elastic. Once I started, I was able to fold the whole length and sew down the side.

I did the same to the other side.

In this picture, you can see the difference between the mask with elastic and the ones with the hair elastic. Once on, the elastic and cloth adjust to the face and all is well.