From Old to New

This chair is from a set of two armchairs and one long sofa that was inherited when my father-in-law passed away in early 2008.

My sister-in-law gave me some cloth, the second photo, that she had bought years ago and never used it. She sent it to me to make curtains, but it was enough to cover one chair.

Sorry, I thought I took pics of the process of removing the old cloth, but no such luck.

I took off all the cloth, but when it came to the arms, I had to leave some under the new. I found out as I was removing the old that the arm inside was done in a way that it was impossible to remove. To save myself time and hassle, I place the new cloth from the bottom of the inner arm to the outside.

I cut and placed cloth all around. After the base of the seat was attached, a new back was added with the new cloth too.

Once everything was added, I took an old sheet and cut it to fit under the chair to hide all the staples where I attached all the pieces.

Next was to remove the old covers of both the seat cushion and the back cushion.

I used the old pieces as molds to cut new ones. I then sewed them closed leaving an opening to insert the pillows and used a whip stitch to close.

Final Result!!!!!!!