Jean Upcycle

After doing a crochet square doily for the past few days, I got bored so wanted to experiment with jeans.

I had made a sundress over a year ago with a pattern from Stitched By Crystal, and I used the top pattern to cut the front for this new dress from the pant legs.

I then cut the other leg the same length for the back.

Cut a top for the lining of the front and a strip for the back. I then attached the cloth with some ribbon to be able to close on the top.

I then looked online to find applique images I liked. On Homemade Gifts Made Easy I found what I was looking for. I just added a bit of rig-rag to make the flower stem.

Appliques all attached, did the rig-rag first, then attached the flower and butterfly.

The next stage was the casing for the elastic in the back.

Now came the part where I wanted to cry. The back was too long for the front.

Solution; took a bowl and cut a curve into the bottom`s back. I then sealed the edge with the satin stitch.

She loves the dress, only to add lace now to the bottom.