Upcycle Jean Backpack

Upcycle Jean Backpack

A little backpack I made from jean legs. I cut two pant legs to same lenght and open up one side. I cut another cloth the same size to use as lining.

Before I sewed the sides of the jean side, I took the inner seam from the jean leg that I cut off to place across the top of the back to hold the handles close to bag.

I cut off the top of the jeans where the buttons and hole is. This I used as the handles. I pinned the handles to the bottom of the bag and sewed down the sides and across the bottom of the jean outer side. With the strip across the top back, I sewed on either side of the straps to keep them from moving out of their area.

With the lining, I left an opening in the middle of the bottom to use to turn.

With the right sides facing each other I pinned the straps onto the front of the bag through the sides. I then sealed the top. I pulled the bag right side out through the gap in the bottom of the lining. I then hand stitch with ladder stitch the opening.

As a final touch, I made some jean flowers and added buttons to the centers. I also took a bit of the side seam and added a keyring to it, then sewed it onto the strap.

Update: forgot to mention the pocket I made for the inside. I cut a wide rectangle and folded it in half with right sides facing each other. I sewed down the two sides and left a small hole in the bottom middle to use to turn the rectangle right side out. With the right sides out, I pinned it to the back, inside of the lining. I sewed down the two sides and across the bottom, sealing the hole closed. I then sewed down in the middle of the rectangle from top to bottom to create two pockets.