What little girl would not want a baby carrier to carry her baby in, just as mommy carries her?

*It should be noted that these slings are toys and are in no way appropriate for a living baby. Only a government approved baby sling should be used for babies.*

My littlest girl has a doll that she takes everywhere. I have been wondering how she can take her doll without losing it.  After a search on Pinterest, I found the following ideas:

Make it and love it

A little closer every day

As someone who likes to quilt, I did not want to just fold over and sew the seams.  It looks unfinished to me.

So I took two pieces of fabric, each 18 inches x 44 inches, one for my daughter and one for a gift. I got two dolls slings from a yard of fabric.

I then looked for two different fabrics to make a border.

When I lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut, for two years, I took a quilting course and the lady who gave the course gave everyone a copy of how to bind a quilt.  With the fabric for the edging, I followed these instructions (pdf binding your quilt):


I always like to use the option number 3 on my machine when sewing, it is a 3 stitch in one.


I used the double-fold binding option.  I cut my strips 3 inches wide and I sewed them together to the required length.

Next, I folded the binding in half, right sides out. Place the raw edges of the border and main fabric together on the good side. Then I used a three stitch in one to sew the two pieces together with a 3/8th inch seam.


Picture of the binding attached as per the instructions.


Next I folded the folded edge to the back. This enclosed the raw edges up and folded the binding down to enclose the raw edges.  I then used the sew in the ditch method to finish the binding.



Picture of stitch in the ditch method.

With the binding finished, I then folded one end of the carrier as shown in the picture below.


I sewed across the bottom of the binding to hold the fold in place.

Then, I inserted this folded edge through the two rings.


I folded the edge about 3 inches over the rings and securely sewed all the layers together.

Almost there! Now place the other end Of the sling carrier through both rings and then back through one ring to secure the sling carrier.


Pictures of the other sling I made and my little girl using her’s.