The little girl started daycare this year and the daycare asked for a hobby horse for her to play with while at daycare.  I decided to not make one, but two as there are children here the daycare whom from poor families cannot be able to send one.

My first item of business was to hand draw the horses head and ears.  I then cut out two of each for one horse.


I then doubled the ears and sewed it to the top of the head across the bottom seam of the ear.


With the ear attached to both sides, I turned down the ear, so I can add the main and close the head.


Place the main in place, add the two sides of the heads with the right sides together.  Then pin to maintain the main in position.  Sew around the head leaving the bottom open for the stick.  Once sewed, turn head right side out.


Now get your items together for stuffing and the stick.  I used a pvc tube for wiring a house.  I cut it to the length needed for the indeed child.


I placed stuffing inside the head and closed the bottom around the pvc with wax tooth floss.  I used waxed floss as I do not have sinew. The daycare asked that the sticks have protection.  I used batting for quilting and used thread and packing tape to seal.


I brought a bit of trim and made reins for the horse.  I added two buttons for the eyes.

Ready to go to the daycare!