In the first days of December, one of our ducks hatched seven ducklings. All is fine with these lovely birds as the mother is amazing. But in the New Year another mother duck hatched seven ducklings. With in a day, six of the seven were dead. She did not take care of her babies like the other mother had. We took the last one, which the children named Quaker, into the house and placed it into a rubber container. Samuel, my nine years has taken to caring for it, playing with it, helping clean the straw, and giving it clean food and water.

As of yesterday and today the plan is to get our baby duck integrated with the other ducks. Last night it did not want to leave the duck pen. It would not even come to Samuel like it usually does. When it was caught and taken inside, it was only crying to go back with the rest. Before we put it out today, we will need to mark it so we will know, which one is Quaker when it is time to eat the others.

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