Last night after tagging Quaker, we put him into the pen with the rest of the ducks. This morning when I woke up to get the boys ready for school, I stepped outside to find that we had frost last night.

What a scare I got as it was Quaker`s first night outside! As it was still dark, I wore a light on my head. Walking towards the duck pen, I could hear the ducks starting to quack. I could tell Quaker`s quack over the rest, as he had lived in the house for over two months.

Happy to hear him, I still wanted to see Quaker to make sure he was all right. He was huddled with the other ducks, sleeping. As I got closer, they all got up and waddled in a row to the other side of the pond. Quaker was one of the first in the row.

Happy me!!!!!!!

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