How to Crochet an Adult Balaclava

balaclavaFree Pattern

For the complete free pattern:

1. Follow our website.

2. Email me at with your request for the free pattern with a subject title balaclava — I will then email you the balaclava in PDF. 

Several years ago, I knit two balaclavas, one each for my sons.  When I had them finished my husband liked them so much I adjusted the pattern to make him one too.

Recently, a young priest visited us.  He loved the balaclava too.  So I told him I would make him one. Since I prefer crochet instead of knitting, I used my husbands hat for the measurements to create one in crochet.

I used:

yarn: Lanabel, Faisán Ofertonómico

4 mm hook

  1. Chain 80, sl st into 1st chain stitch. Make sure the chain is straight and smooth as you make the ring.

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