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Happy Me!


For the past few weeks, I have had to wash my family’s clothes by hand, as our washer no longer functioned correctly……click here for full story.




In the first days of December, one of our ducks hatched seven ducklings. All is fine with these lovely birds as the mother is amazing. But in the New Year another mother duck hatched seven ducklings. With in a day, six of the seven were dead. She did not take care of her babies like the other mother had……click here for full story.

My First Post

Angela’s post today on washing machines reminded me of one of the many survival skills I learned from my mother-in-law a woman with many talents. She was known as Aunt Susie.

Moving to a cabin for the salmon fishery (transhumance of people and their animals) was a new experience in itself.

I knew about scrub boards. My Mom had one from the days before she could buy a washing machine, it would have been a day busting wringer washer.

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A Rant


Having grown up in Northern Labrador, my family would spend most of the summer at our summer cabin, while Dad fished the seasonal wild Atlantic salmon. Summer cabin meant no lights, no running water and days in boat checking the fishing nets. It also meant helping Mom wash clothes by hand with a scrubbing board and hand wringer.

Why am I telling you this, because for the last few days I have been without a working washing machine. This means washing clothes for five by hand and ringing out the water also by hand.

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Chile is now coming to the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  This means that school has now started for another year.  The mornings and nights are getting cooler, but days are still warm.

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