Well, the New Year has arrived and I have not written in a while.  So what have I done lately, lots of things with polar fleece:

First up are these lovely that I found a pattern from Sew Desu Ne?,  I made two for my sons and then two bothers arrived to visit and also wanted one.


A current picture of the original two I made.  Much loved.


Next up, a little kitten for the little girl.  The basic body I used the doll pattern from Miss Gioia.


And since she is getting big and I loved the colour of the polar fleece, I made her a cat hoodie too.  The pattern for hoodie can be found at Japanese Sewing Books.


And since I made her a hoodie, I also did some mittens.  I used a pattern from diy-crush.


During the Christmas holidays, we went to visit friends and their granddaughters.  When I arrived home, I just had to make the girls something too.  The pattern for the hat can be found at Orange Bettie.


When I made the night fury toys, I had some leftover red and black polar, so I made this little hoodie for the little girl too.  She could not wait to put it on so I will make a bow for the hood later.


So that is my current journey with polar fleece.  May everyone has a prosperous New Year.