Being a stay at home mom of three little ones, I would love to make money too.  I have not found my niche yet, but one item I made that I think will do good when I get used to sewing is rag dolls.


For the first doll shown I used the pattern from Miss Gioia.  I made the dress from polar fleece that I cut into two rectangles and sewed a tube in the top of the front and back to slide ribbon to be able to close the top.  On the bottom, I added a bit of lace and added a satin flower to the top.  For the hair, I followed the tutorial from Tantehilde.  With the face I drew the mouth and with embroidery floss, I stitched the mouth.  I then made the nose with embroidery floss too.  The eyes are some small black buttons.  Viola, my first doll making!

For the next doll, when I was visiting my mom and dad in 2017, my mom had in their house a dolls head she has had for over thirty years and never used.  She had only some of the body part pattern.  So what must a girl do?  I used the arm pattern my mom had from the Foster Children doll makers.  The legs I took the pattern I had from the other doll and created the round foot look.  When I sewed the legs together, I drew the opening on the bottom with a bit of space for the sewing close the foot.  The body I created the shape myself as the other doll`s body was too small.  The top of the dress I took the pattern from Serving Pink Lemonade for making a knit shirt for an 18-inch doll and made it bigger to fit my doll.  I then cut a piece for the bottom in a rectangle a bit wider than the top.  Viola, my second doll finished.