Boys… what do you do when you have two boys and they are tired of their plain curtains and want Mickey Mouse?


This would be an ok change if I had two Mickey Mouse curtains, not one.

I repurposed what I had. So can you.

Here’s how I did it.


I cut the one curtain in half and recreate two panels.

I had one plain curtain panel that I also cut in two and attached to each back to block out the sun.

First things first, iron the curtains before cutting. I then used my rotary cutter, bought for quilting to cut each curtain in half.

Then I hemmed the top and bottom of each panel. Once hemmed, I pinned the curtain to the plain backing and sewed them together.


I used the tab top of the plain panel to create a tube for the rod. The tabs were too long. I doubled down the tab top and sewed across them.


When I had the plain panel attached to the back, I noticed that the panel sagged on the rod.

My solution — I constructed six simple tabs to fill the gaps and provide the necessary support.


Once the sides of the tabs were sewn, I doubled them over and pinned them to fill in the gaps.

Next, I sewed the top and bottom of each tab to create the same tube structure for the rod.


Once completed, I replaced the older curtains in my boys’ bedroom with the refashioned Mickey Mouse ones.


Happy Boys!!!!!!!!!

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