Hi everyone, sorry for not writing in so long.

Many interesting things have happened since my last post.

I have been living in Chile for over eleven years now and it is very expensive to visit my family in Canada.  For the second time since I moved to Chile, my mom and dad paid so I could visit.  I went with two of my three small children.  It was awesome to see family and friends so again.  My oldest daughter has her own children, the youngest grandchild is a month younger then mine.  They had quite a time playing.

Our first stop was St. John’s and Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador to visit my oldest daughter, Tera and her family and the rest of my family.  My daughter had a delicious jigs dinner cooked. Sam really enjoyed it, and Sofia loved the chicken

Canada Day was spent at the Salmonier Nature Park. We saw the stuffed animals in the main lobby, visited the animals living onsite, and had a picnic.  Samuel loved this visit to the nature park as his passion is animals.


The children really loved seeing all the different animals.


The best part of the day was the live otter that an employee of the park was showing the children for them to pet.  Fun day for everyone.


The next weekend we went to the Memorial University Of Newfoundland’s Ocean Sciences Centre in Loggy Bay.


There was a touch tank and seals that loved to play.  Another visit with animals for Samuel to see and touch, his favourite play time.


Next stop; Happy Valley – Goose Bay.  We had a few days visiting two of my sisters and their families.  Lots of playing outside on these nice days.  We had a ball!


Below is a picture of Tickaraluk Point outside of Rigolet, where I spent many summers, as my dad fished for salmon.  Together with my grandparents, parents and sisters, we would move to our summer home once school was over for the year in June.  We would stay until the flies drove us out or the salmon ran slow.


On this beautiful day that we were able to get a boat ride, I was able to pick some fresh atlantic mussels on Tickaraluk Island


When I returned to Rigolet, my mom was so happy to have fresh mussels as she had not had any in over fifteen years.


Our last week in Canada was spent in Happy Valley – Goose Bay visiting family.  It was a sad time, we were almost two months in Canada but it felt like days.  Hope it is not as long between this trip and my next.


Home on the farm in Chile:


In September, 4 of our 5 sheep have had their little ones and this year we never lost a mother or babies due to the cold.  One mother lost her female baby to another sheep, and now has only her male baby.  The sheep, which took the baby, had her own baby the next day.   She has the baby she took and the baby she had.  The fifth sheep did not have any lambs.

In October, our youngest child started daycare.  She loves to play with little ones her own age as her two brothers are older and too rough.  For her first day, I made her a new dress.  I also made her a little pillow with cover for when she naps.


Our oldest son had his First  Communion in December.  So grandma and grandpa from Canada bought him a suit and the fabric I used to make him a tie.  I made a bow tie and a long tie for him to pick his favourite, and added one for his dad and younger brother for good measure.  The Labrador Heritage Museum website explains the history of this new tarten from Labrador, Canada.


I started to make a teddy bear for my littlest one for Christmas, but she found it and wanted it immediately. I was also making it during my boys karate classes and other people there liked it, so I made two more to sell. I sold one and gave the other as a gift to a friend Sofia´s daycare.


Next stop, summer!